Is absolutly mandatory to say, first of all, that having Hugo Santos as part of our Dogflut team is a pride, an honor and, above all, a dream come true; because in addition to our friend, he has always been our idol.

For those who don’t know yet, Hugo Santos is a living legend of this sport, both continental and international level. He is a special and different skimboarder that has meant a lot for all skimboarding in Europe. One of those unique and unrepeatable athletes that stand out in their sport and will always be remembered.

Hugo is unique and it is for several reasons:

First, his drop and skim style. A different style dropping on board than he created and probably the only one practicing it (an special monkey drop, putting his front knee before stand up on board to slide out). He is always looking fot biggest wave to slide as far as posible.

Second, a european legend says that if Hugo is compiting, the rest of all skimboarders are fighting to be runner-up. Since 1998, he has won a high percentage of contest, no matter who is compiting. His succes history talks for him. Anyway, Hugo has a long way yet after 15 years winning.

Thrird, and probably most important, is his nature: Humble, quiet, committed, introverted, good father, good person, fair and above all, great fairplayer (big winner and good loser). VALUES.

Nine times Portuguese champion. Winner in two of three editions of European Skimboard League (in that he did not won, he was injured but never made that public), six times champion of International Hossegor (France) and nine of International Portugal, 2nd in last UST European step and 1st in I International Kalemba (Angola), among many other victories. In addition was first skimboarder not borned in USA with a Promodel board of one of famous american brands after his victory ahead lots of pro riders.

From this year, Hugo “LEGEND” Santos, is part of our competition team/family/project and bring his peronal shape.

An honor. Long live the King!