It’s always a pleasure to skim among friends and with good waves. After two stable weeks and with an encouraging forecast in Pico del loro sider, we decided to organize a short trip to San Sebastián.

It’s the second season for Martí there, so Xoxe, Shein and Lluis decided to go there from Barcelona and finally do the trip we had postponed in the last months. We changed the leaving date a couple of times in order to find the best skimming conditions, even though all of we know that’s very difficult to get because, with the waves, tha nature has the las word.

Talking about skim, the first of the 3 planned days was a small shambles… After six long but funny hours on road, we found windy, flat shore and oversize conditions and for that reason the sider was no working. On the upside, we can confirm that Ondarribia have potential, although we arrive to late for good tide, after some problems with rain and a deranged gps. Anyway was a good day that ends with a crazy cooking contest and photoshoping skim photos.

The second say starts bad as first, because the sider was not working it should be like the preceding days. In any case, we had a nace up our sleeve with Ondarribia. There we found offshore wind and funny shorebreak size to enjoy a good sesión. Long slides, lots of tricks and fictitious contest heats to train. Was really fun and, in addition, Shein won the imaginary final round and it supose more enjoyable moment.

During the tide was going low we came back to Pico del Loro, but was exatly the same thing… For that reason we change our plan and went back home for a hot shower, watch videos to know our technical mistakes to laught about ourselves and to look of the window some surfers killing it.

Third and last day was pretty better. Sider at morning was little choppy and windy but working to skimming ir. In addition, wind conditions would be better at afternoon. Martí show why he is a beast, killing it with some tricks and connecting impossible siders.

During hide tide we came back to Ondarribia, but with cross wind and less wave height was not enough motivation. We wanted to save energies, because at the afternoon, finally, we have the conditions that we were looking for. Not 100% perfect, but enoght to enjoy it.

We want to thnak Xoxe to take the camera and film a few clips wich served to edit the short video.

On Thursday we had to wake up early morning to come back to work, knowing than sider will be PERFECT, that and next days. Classic.

In conclussion: Full Doglfut, good taste, wáter in the nostrils and looking forward to reapeating the experience soon.