Simao Pinto … One of the most talented skimboarders in all Europe. From a young age he excelled with exquisite skills and great competition results and in 2016, he has managed to achieve one of his great goals, to become the national champion of the Portuguese circuit.

2015 was a very difficult year for him personally, Simao moved away from the beaches and contests. Lack of motivation, little training, poor performance … With the new year and a clear objective, renewed its energies to become competitive and above all, to enjoy one of his great passions, SKIMBOARDING. No sponsorships stress, no pressure of any kind.

With these premises was given the talk that would change the course of events, good vibes and with everything said in a declaration of love on both sides. He wanted to enter to the Dogflut team above any other project, although at that time it was almost impossible for us, cause we had the team and year budget closed… It is fair to say that Simao, a great guy, accepted to be in test during a year, and to see how things were going and if both sides were satisfied. Something that does not fit a skimboarder of his talent, succes and level… But that honors him of all.

After a few months, the decision to readjust budgets and be part of the team was immediately taken.


Meanwhile our riders were doing their bit in the Portuguese leahue contests, proving that there is plenty of talent. The current champion, our legend, Hugo Santos, did not take part in this 2016 season after returning in 2015 to regain his title.

Ricardo Dias, Simao Pinto and Eduardo Joaquim, finally recovered from a long and tedious injury, slipped into the final rounds of championships and shared the podium positions, along with our friend Valentín, who is not a team rider (there is no room for everyone), but skims with a Dogflut board and it’s great to see that he is doing so well.

After cancellation of third stop, the four arrived with options to proclaim themselves as champion in the mythical stage of Sao Pedro do Estoril. A day to show skilfully and calmy. Was an awesome final where Simao, Ricardo and Ed finished first, second and third respectively. All an achievement that made Simao heir of Hugo’s title, Ed at a minimum distance to be runner-up and Ricardo, 4th.

We can only congratulate and be proud of our guys!