Today, looking out of this plane window, little lights from some unknow city are shinning in the darkness, it is some point between Cape Verde and Barcelona. I understand what supose skimboarding in my life and in lifes of many more people that feel the same passion for a simply sport. Flying back to my home, finally I find a sense to the old saying “skimboarding is a lifestyle”, because after one more epic trip, with no doubt, this sentence is much better understood.

Shared with some good friends… Is not my first, and not will be my last.

Boavista is of Cap Verde Islands, lost in some spot in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, to the south of Canary Islands and west of Senegal. White sand, turquoise water, shining plankton and natural reserve of sea turtles. This paradise for a skimboarder is like the feeling of a child opening Chistmas gifts. It is the same magic.

Marvelous landscapes with high quality shorebreaks where good mix of people are happy, born there or could never escape from wonders. All of theme life with passion, calm and peace, wasting kidness to everyone that is visiting and enjoying his beautiful land. For that reason, first of all I have to thank to all of caboverdians that help us in our adventure.

It all started when Agostinho wrote to Dogflut to inform us about the project and ask for support. Clear idea: organize a international contest with some of best skimmers arround the world from different countries representing the tip of iceberg of his movement. We only know about Mega and Dave Scott was in other Cape Verde ISland some years before. That’s all. But this type of projects, in our opinion, are and an important part of skimboarding health, and we decide to colaborate. And in addition supose and excuse to our riders to compete with some of best riders from US, Brasil or Mexico.

That way Rafael Castillo, Martí Avilès and I arrived in the midst of “Ebola virus time”, thanks to Joao Sousa too. All after a road trip from our workshop to Lisbon.

Just after landind… Sun, nice weather, good vibes and real Africa. Just the necessary roads, seats in back spot of pick ups and desert beaches with warm and clear water. Just one more thing matters staying in a cool apartment shared with Morgan Just and Mega: find good wave conditions. Only after a few hours there, we saw that would not be difficult!

The next three days we enjoy PERFECT waves for skimming and surfing. Skimming into torttle natural reserves and surfing in waters with sharks below us. Was awesome feelings. It is difficult to describe, but we can sea the tuttles and a few sharks too.

For a diversity of reasons, the rest of invited pro’s can not to fly and the contest was not the same, but anyway was sick with all caboverdians showing their skills wraping barreled waves!

After cool days advancing… fresh tune, guitar moments or poker moments to decide who should to cook or wash the dishes, arrive the contest day after three waves with good waves and offshore wind sessions. The only little problem was that shorebreak conditions and big periods change the shore for the contest day… Kryptonite to monkeydrops.

Martí, AKA Chincheta (for his slide skill), was 3rd allthough doesn’t compete as we have grown accustomed and Rafa was 4th, after an epic semifinal with Mo. Finally Mo wons a final without sun light, even though Mega ride as a champion.

Awesome adventure full of perfect moments, maybe like all the previous, maybe like no other. Of course, was a pleasure, specially with my guys.

Our last day was driving round the island, skimming giant dunes, eating coconuts or get some coral reaf like special souvenir before back to reallity.