We are stoked and proud to have all riders who comprise our team. A crew, a family where we have some of best european riders and a few of best in the world. Four of all, as last year, Martí Avilès, Hugo Santos, Juenalu González and Eduardo Joaquim are the choosen to have Dogflut Signature boards 2017.

Their boards are customized to suit their needs and desires and of course design than they like. Perfect board doesn’t exists, but exist the ideal board to each skimmer.

You can ride just the same board than them or order the same board design but other color combination.

MARTÍ AVILÈS. Pure talent.

2015 Spanish champion after his victories in I Rocheland and 7th Gorgo skim contest. Champion of International Hossegor (France) 2014 and 3rd in Iternational Cape verde. Winner in 6 of 7 Gorgo skim contest editions and 2nd in Faroskim Spanish championship two times after our rider Rafa Castillo.

His board is a customized TOWER, shape CLÁSICO. Really fast but without loosing stability after drop difficult tricks.

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HUGO SANTOS. Living legend.

10 times Portuguese champion (last time during 2015, after his back to participate in this competition) when he was 35, after a few years without compete.Winner in two of three editions of European Skimboard League, six times champion of International Hossegor (France) and nine of International Portugal, 2nd in last UST European step and 1st in I International Kalemba (Angola), among many other victories.

His Signature board is a TOWER, shape LEGEND, 1.8 thikness full shaped to 1.3cm and tappered rails to improve the slide and cut speed for a stable board.

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JUANLU GONZÁLEZ. No limits evolution.

Faster and bigger progression for a european rider. Althoug he starts to compete only a few year ago, he already was Spanish runner-up in 2015 after his great participation in spanish contests and was 2nd in French International (Cap Ferret) too. In addition he was 2nd in Gorgoskim Contest and two times 3rd in Faroskim Spanish contest. If you share a classic sesh in Faro de Trafalgar (Cádiz) you will know than the limits are a little further.

He is riding a TOWER, shape CLÁSICO 1.6 cm thickness.

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Portuguese champion sub-16 and sub-18 on several times and runner-up in Portugal in PRO division. In addition, he was finalist in last UST European step. He was injured in first half of 2016 season but in spite of this, he keep into tittle fight to the last final, with our rider Simao Pinto, who was 1st.

His promodel board is a customized TOWER, shape CLASICO and 1.6cm thikness as Martí and Juanlu.

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