Championship results are not the most important for us, but after to make that clear from the start, we are writing this article because we was so close to achieving something really big, in respect of contest victories. With our team Dogflut riders it was only a matter of time before the multiple victories arrived and like we are really proud of all and each of our member of our family/team, this article is to their credit.

During 2015 we saw some things that never happens before…

Everything started by closing the incorporation of Hugo Santos to our team Dogflut at the beginning of that season, with him we get the best European skimboarding team ever.

First important moment and therefore the first test, was during Kalemba Skim Contest, in the wonderful liner spot of Cabo Ledo (Angola) and what a great result with Hugo, Martí Avilès and Rafa Castillo finishing 5th, 6th and 7th respectively… Not bad, because there were at least four of the top ten skimboarders in the world. Not enough, specially because Hugo and Martí stayed a few hundredths to advance on final round to fight for the victory. But yeah, there was Vivian Grieco ‘Vuca’, our Brazilian skimgirl, to win women’s division!

Shortly after was time to the International of Portugal, Ocean Spirit. The truth is that did not start so well… Eduardo Joaquim injured four days before the championship, Martí without days off at work to assist or Hugo and Diogo Abrantes falling sooner than expected. But there was much to say!

Ricardo Dias, after distroying each round, took the victory with an almost perfect performance in all contest!, Maria Conde ‘Xoxe’ finished with a more than deserved 5th place in girls, after being out of the final heat when crossing with the ones that in the end were Champion and runner-up. In addition, Sergio Gil ‘Shein’ 4º in Master and Rafa Castillo was 7th place in PRO division, that is not bad, in spite of knowing to be kicked out in a semifinals, when tide was really low for his skim style.

Then came the time of Spanish championships, and playing at home spots could not go better. At the 1st Rocheland International, in Cádiz, our guys was top four in Open division, with Martí Avilès, Juanlu González, Rafa Castillo and Diogo Abrantes ranked in that order. AWESOME.

In addition, the top four classificates in the Masters category was to our team Dogflut riders too. with Rafa, Janovi Ródenas, Daniel Fopiani and Sergio Gil ‘Shein’. Meanwhile, on the same weekend, Hugo Santos got two 2nd positions in two stops of the Portuguese national league, who approached him to his tenth title in the season that returned to this competition, after several years of absence.

To sum up, something amazing that was still to improve! The next weekend in the 7th Gorgo Skim contest, in Barcelona, not only the 4 finalists were team Dogflut riders… Six of the top 7 were our team athletes. From first to fifth: 1. Martí Avilès, 2. Diogo Abrantes, 3. Juanlu González, 4. Ricardo Abrantes, 5. Lluis Mateos and 7. Pedro Millan. Adding that Xoxe was champion in girls division and Rafa and Shein champion and runner-up in Masters division. Simply unbeatable.

At that point, the goal was to go to Cap Ferret… Enjoy the trip like first goal, and try to win the French International in second, to win the three international championships in Europe.

The trip was memorable, although we did not get i tour two goals… But yes, we were extraordinarily close, with Juanlu as runner-up, Rafa 3rd and Martí 5th!

Proud and grateful we returned home and just a few days later it was time for Hugo to win the fourth stage of the Portuguese national, with Ricardo Abrantes fourth and Ricardo Dias and Pedro Millan sharing fifth place.

And if it were not enoght, a few weekends later, three of our riders in another final heat: Hugo, Ricardo Dias and Eduardo Joaquim, once overcome his injury. And on last stop of Portuguese league, Hugo Santos won his 10th Portuguese title, escorted on the podium by smiling Ed.

In 2016 the level was high, but our guys had god once again a great participation success. In Spain, Rafa Castillo won the Internacional de Trafalgar (Cádiz) Open category, Xoxe won girls division one more time, while Janovi, Shein and Rafa took the podium in Masters división and Jesús González, our newest team Dogflut young gun, finished third in sub-18.

In Portugal, only four Dogflut riders entering the Portuguese National League and three of them finished 1st, 3rd and 4th classificated! Simao Pinto and Eduardo Joaquim, disputed the title in the final heat of the last stage and finally Simao was proclaimed Portuguese champion for the first time in his life in his debut year as part of the team!! Epic.

Ed, finally recovered from his injury, was fourth for a minimum points difference compared to Ricardo Dias, who finished third, adding his great result to the meritorious 4th place at the International Ocean Spirit.

Be that as it may and beyond the deed of ours, we are very happy, because is not posible to have a better team, no more humble, no more human. And that is one of the things that matter most to us. In 2017 the results will come or not, but we will continue to be happy and proud of our FAMILY.