PROBOT 3.0 – M


Size: M

Shape: Clásico 

Thickness: 1.6

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Doble resin art


  • Made in mid density PVC foam, CARBON fiber bottom and extra eglass+carbon stringer on top and EPOXY resin.
  • CLÁSICO shape, square nose and reinforced rails.

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A board made for very demanding skimmers. With a similar to Tower model performance, PROBOT 3.0 is a high range board manufacitured in medium density foam and epoxy resin, to win in flotation and flexibility.

Probot 3.0 has the bottom made with carbon fiber and extra e-glass with carbon stringer in the top wich increase its response speed down you feet and give an extra point of resistence.

Available in all our different shapes you can choose the one that fits better to your needs and requeriments.


  • Made it in high density PVC foam, carbon fiber bottom, extra EGLASS and CARBON STRINGER top and EPOXY resin.
  • Shape CLÁSICO, ULTIMATE, LEGEND, BITWO, WHALE, NEWERA. 1.6 cm thikness, reinforzed rails and square nose..
  • Available in four different sizes: S, SM, M, ML

*As a guide, we leave you our size table, which relates size to height and weight of the skimmer:
SIZE (cm long): Weight (Kg) and height (cm)
XXS (122cm): 30-45Kg/120-145cm
XS (128cm) : 35-50Kg/130-155cm
S (130cm) : 40-55Kg/140-160cm
SM (132cm) : 50-70Kg/150-175cm
M (134cm) : 65-85Kg/170-185cm
ML (136cm) : 75-95Kg/180-195cm

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