Miguel Braz, from Lagos (southern Portugal) is part of our competition team now. It is true that our team is awsome, mainly in Spain and Portugal, counting with some of euorpean and worldwide top skimboarders; but when phone rings and someone like Miguel is in the other side it is important to listen what he has to saty! (specially when he loves our project).

Focused on his goal, he is working every day, in and out of the water, to get his prupose to be the next portuguese champion. Riding his prefered spots Porto Mós and Dona Ana beach or paradisiac sider of Caneiros or training som Pilates.

Born in 1994 is riding from 2007, but his evolution as a skimboarder has been a meteoric one and in 2018 was champion of the Internactional Ocean Spirit in Portugal, winning the final to our team riders Simao Pinto and Juanlu Gonzalez and take 5th on portuguese league.

Quiet and friendly guy that enjoy reading a good book, fishing or surfing (take a look to his board transfer videos riding surf waves on a skimboard). He is an active social media user and you can follow him and enjoy his videos and photos here.

Photos by Flavio Cabrita and Staysaaalty