In spite of Rafa Castillo and Hugo Santos -winners in first and second edition- was ruled out at last moment, rest of our guys was killing it during all weekend and shone with itown light.

First four clasificated in Open division was Dogflut riders: Juanlu GonzálezRicardo DiasSimao Pinto y Martí Avilès and was a battle betwen team mates for a victory. In add to good results in all categories.

Great championship and great staff one more time, in spite of bad waves. After three weeks enjoying nice wave conditions in Cádiz, the ocean took a short break during weekend, but skimboarding level was so high! In add, days before and after the contest everybody can ride good waves down the Trafalgar lighthouse.

In Juniors division, Ale Montañés, 2017 winner, was to battle with talented youngs of skim USA team, 3 and 4 years olders in add to all local kids that are training with Juanlu every day during all summer. Even his age -just 12- show that his victory in Portugal Ocean Spirit was not luck and he took the 2nd place.

Was the same with Xoxe, fighting with US rider Emma Okoniewski and spanish girls Julia and Marina. A cool final where Xoxe get a good 2nd place too.

In Open division was competing best Spanish riders and some of best europeans too. Was difficult to advance every heat from first round to everybody but top riders had no big problems to advance. Our guy Jesule’ González -5th last year- was kicked out in quarter finals after be the best durin first round. After that, like we said all the finalist was riders Dogflut as in 2015. Finally Juanlu González take the victory and portuguese Ricardo Dias y Simao Pinto was 2nd and 3rd. Martí Avilès complet our awesome result taking the 4th place. Epic as Rocheland 2015 and 2 Internacional Trafalgar 2017.

Juanlu was patient to take adventage barreling the bigger wave of the final, while Ricardo And Simao was scoring high with technical tricks in smaller waves. Martí take risk as always, but this time doesn’t works -but a epic biggerspin grab was near to be done…-

Meanwhile Sergio Gil ‘Shein was champion in masters division in a cool final where Janovi Ródenas was 4th.

Proud and happy with that results. Avobe all, Juanlu has the crown that he deserved after years following the dream.