Never stop dreaming. Be part of International Kalemba skim Constest is a dream to every skimboarder around the all planet, and if it is not, is why that rider doen’t know about this place, these kids, this project or this wave potential.

Only a chosen few have the oportunity to enjoy that fantasy and of course, we take this oportunity with all our energy.

Cabo ledo is a magical place. It is one of longer waves around the world, but is not the only thing that counts… It is the feeling. The contest with some of best from different countries and Kalemba project kids… that endless waves to skim and surf, the crabs running in the entire beach, the african rhythm, the contest party and all the people involved. It couldn’t be best.

To all Dogflut team riders involed is a really nice chance and for that reason we all are thankfull and committed and we like to give our best, sharing our personal boards to all kids, skimming, eating, singing or dancing all toghether.

We all enjoy three full days of perfect long waves (skimming, surfing and skurfing too). Waking up at 5.45 to be riding with first sun lights. Really long lines with portuguese and brazilian friends and all local kids.

About the competition… Was nice to us. Leandro Azevedo was runner-up after his victory on Sununga King of Skim, competing man on man with Lucas Fink, who was destroying it during all heats. Our portuguesse rider Ricardo Dias was 3rd classificated in his first time in Angola, after nice semifinal versus Leandro.

Xoxe ’Conde was second too, fighting in a really good final with one of bests skimgirls around entery world, brazilian Julia Santos, and in front of her classic european rival and good friend Pipa Pinto. Xoxe get best valorized wave during the final, but can not to find a second solid one to be the champ, because Julia had two goord ones to her points combo. She was close.

In add Martí Avilès and Sergio Gil ‘Shein was 5th after lose their 1vs1 quarter finals. Shein was kicked out from Leandro in a funny battle where the brazilian had to win to the guy that shaped his board. And Martí Avilès lose with Mega in a rare heat where the waves sets decided to take a breath. Martí was waiting for bigger ones that never arrived and Mega take his oportunity to advance finding his solid point with little ones.

Was not victories this time, but Dogflut riders showed the potential of all our team again.

After that… TV interviews to all of us, free sessions, night party, sleep a little and more funny and long waves before back to home.

An epic skim adventure wich epic ending with a perfect dinner… Fresh lobsters bought to local fishermans by Xoxe, Ricardo Dias and Ricardo Raio and payed by guests to thank it all.

Before our return to reallity we gave Leandro’s promodel and a surfboard and skimboard from Martí to the Project. In that way the kids can to continue their evolution with top boards. They deserves for sure.

Grateful and dreaming to be back into the paradisse where the sand is shinning into the darkness.

Photos: Martí Avilès // Rui Castro // Sergio Gil ‘Shein