«If it’s not perfect, it’s trash!» It is the phrase that we repeat ourselves over and over since the birth of Dogflut skimboards, while we evolved our own boards and the processes to make them. If it is not perfect, it is trash; if it’s not perfect, it’s trash… It was not a pretentious phrase, nor elitist. It was our bases and philosophy way. We wanted to achieve that which made us feel proud, because in our opinion, it is the only way for each skimboarder who rides our boards to be proud of his own board. Seeking perfection is the only way to achieve it. But… What is perfection? This article not only talks about boars, is talking about art.

What pants are perfect? New jeans from stores or those slightly faded jeans in your bedroom floor? Those that you like so much that they don’t even fit in your closet…

The definition of «perfect» is simple (and is not what many think). Says: PERFECT:
  1. (Adj.) HAving all the required or desirable elements, qualities or charecteristics as it is possible to be.
  2. Absolute; complete (used for emphasis).
Today, our simboards follow those two points. We are totally proud of how we make them and that is why we consider them perfect (although there is always room for improvement). We love its performance, its resistance and its finishes. We consider them perfect. But this article is about art and design and not about boards quality. Many people think that a skimboard, considering the prices, should be fine in its finishes, polished and shiny. Especially since neatness in the finish is associated with quality. Is not always that way. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic term that bases its principles on the beauty of imperfection. Admiring the beauty of rustic, natural, asymmetric or rough appearance or finish. And the art of our tables is based on it.

We like to make our boards unique and unrepeatable, so that everyone feels their own board as something special. That is why we try to make original and different designs every day, playing with mixtures and colors in our resinrts that express themselves with a certain freedom. With shiny bottoms (to slide fast as possible), but with tops with a pure, matte finish, without stridency, shine or chrome. No fear of sanding where the board needs it, prioritizing performance over aesthetic refinement. That is our perfection. Pure Wabi-sabi.

We like those used jeans that adapt the curves and those worn sneakers that have led to so many special places. And you?