Details make the difference. Dogflut Skimboards give special attention on the quality and finish of every board, as we consider the details of the manufacturing what provides the top quality to a skimboard, This is our secret.

All our models follow the same process of manufacturing, passing through the most economic boards to the most professional and those are the key points of of the boards we make. Take a look to our great strengths:


Nose cuadrado para webOUR SIGNAL: SQUARE NOSE.

A question: “Why a square nose?”… Our answer is always same three words: -“And why not?” It’s all solid benefits and no drawbacks.

It is our last evolution. Tested and developed during last months of 2016, this type of nose have the same behavior as classic ones on water and is more solid, harder, super resistant and really strong. And is cool. All adventages. Trust and test it!


One of the most critical spots of a skimboard is the resistance of the rails, nose and tail, as these are the parts that have a high level of impact. Using often our boards, small breaks and pores can appear and could reduce the life of it. For that reason, we developed during months the special strengthen that we put in all our models, where the layers of fiber that bond the rail are hidden to avoid it exposure and are protected with a combination of resin and specific fiber. Like that, the edge of the rail is more solid and resistance in front of the impacts and abrasions, which will allow you to enjoy your board for a long time.


Every person is unique and in Dogflut Skimboards we respect that fact. Every rider have different styles and desires, we are faster or slower, taller or shorter, technical…

We ride in different spots, with different sloping at the shores, with strong or not that strong waves, with barrel or not, liners, front brakes, siders and many other details that suppose a big difference on the ideal board for each one and for that reason we have 6 shapes and 2 different thickness, covering with that the necessities of every skimmer with precision. CLICK HERE TO KNOW IT


All our boards (and all our models) follow the same process of manufacturing from the first step until the last; but the materials make the board having specific characteristics of rigidity, buoyancy, weight, resistance or flexibility.

All our models have a specific recipe, combining the materials of which the board is composed; but this recipe can be changed according to every rider’s desires.


Tall, short, fat, thin, strong, agile, fast, slow… And for that reason, your board is something very particular.

A huge variety of sizes all over six different shapes, in addition with two options of thickness, allows everyone to choose the ideal board for its physical conditions and the characteristics of the spot to skim. With the size board, you can guide yourself, but it isn’t something to strictly follow.

Resin art our custom art to make your skimboard really specialDESIRES ARE PERSONAL AND UNTRANSFERABLE SO, DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS.

In Dogflut Skimboards we don’t work with a fixed color palette, what we make is to mix basic colors to obtain the color and shades in order to fulfill the desires of our client. That supposes that every person can choose the color they want for the top of their board and, if the wish, combine various colors/shades at the bottom to make a unique and unrepeatable resin art, obtaining likes this his dreamed skimboard. We also offer the possibility to choose between our three different logos and its color.

nuestro-secreto-square-noseFINISH IS PART OF THE DESIGN TOO.

The priority of Dogflut Skimboards and all the riders of the team is the natural coating for the boards, which is applied standardly. With it, the board has a pure touch, you can feel it from the last process of manufacturing and the wax and traction catches very well with no need to sand.

But every person it’s a world and for that reason, we also offer another kind of final coating: Mate, where the top of the board is totally contrastin with brightness on bottom.