Fast and reactive. The Tower is our top range. The combination of carbon fiber and epoxy resin conver it into a very nimble board, wich improves the response down your feet either in the wave or in tricks realization.

Draines of resin and sandesd to the maximum, this skimboard is made to get the highest and best performance: light, rigid, hard and tough.

Available in all our shapes: Clásico, Ultimate, Legend, Whale, Newera, Bitwo and two thickness: 1.6 or 1.8cm in order to satisfy the personal needs of every skimmer, dependin on ther preferences and style. Test it and you will never want another skimboard, it is the best board than the money can buy.


  • Made it in high density PVC foam, CARBON fiber and EPOXY resin.
  • Shape CLÁSICO, ULTIMATE OR LEGEND in 1.6 cm o 1.8 cm (shaped tail and nose) thikness and reinforzed rails.
  • Available in seven different sizes: XXS, XS, S, SM, M, ML y L.