Connect.x is, with its Clásico shape and the multiple customization choices (size, thickness, materials…), our more versatile board. It is a wide board which provides stability to the drop and control to the slide. The tight tail allows for keeping the turn agility and the maneuverability over the wave. It allows for improving the turn and also having much more control in tricks. It is fast and stable, suitable for skimmers of every levels.

In add to Clásico, it is available in shape Whale and Newera for those who are looking for a board with more surface area, thus providing greater stability and great flotation, without losing much maneuverability.


  • Made it in high density PVC foam, EGLASS fiber and EPOXY resin.
  • Shape CLÁSICO, 1.6 cm o 1.8 cm (shaped in tail and nose) thikness, reinforzed rails and square nose.
  • Clásico shape sizes: XXS, XS, S, SM, M, ML and L. Whale and Newera: SM, M and ML.