Every person is unique and in DOGFLUT SKIMBOARDS we respect that fact. Every rider have different styles and desires, we are faster or slower, taller or shorter, technical…

We ride in different spots, with different sloping at the shores, with strong or not that strong waves, with barrel or not, liners, front brakes, siders and many other details that suppose a big difference on the ideal board for each one and for that reason we have seven different shapes, covering with that the necessities of every skimmer with precision:


It is our corporate identity. The shape that has made Dogflut skimboards what it is today. It is a perfect shape for all shorebreak and wave conditions: stable, but fast. So good for turns, as to trick.

It is a wide shape and good load in the front area, which gives stability for a confortable slide and with narrowed tail that gives speed to the maneuvers.

It is the one we recommend in the vast majority of cases and the one we manufacture 90% of our stock skimboards, except for the Rasta.x model that has its own shape. CLÁSICO is the favorite of almost all of our competition riders too; there must be a reason! Multi-purpose is the word that best defines it and is great on any beach and type of wave.



Ultimate is a shape created for acid turns and powerful banks. An elongated and shrap-pointed shape that enhances the board agility, at the cost of reducing stability and buoyancy to the slide. It makes the board very lively and allows aggressive maneuvers and turns.

Being narrower in the front facilitates wrap turns in powerfull waves. It is always a good option if it meets the parameters you are looking for. Increase your performance in barreled and closed waves.



It is the shape made by and for legendary skimboarder Hugo Santos. It is very wide in the middle to focus on the drop; but narrowed on tail and nose, looking to create a stable skimboard to slide out but offering good wave grip and fast turns.

It makes the board a little slower to performing tricks, but it provides very good performance in everything else, especially in skim spots where the waves are breaking far from the shore.




Both are perfect options for those skimboarders looking for an extra point in buoyancy and stability. Are two different way on Clasico shape evolution.

WHALE is practically identical in all front half of the board, but it changes completely in the tail area. The wings and fish tail give greater stability and good control going down the wave line. It is one of our first shapes and always lives up to it. A little slower in the turns is made to rounded wraps, but ideal for stable slides and complicated sea conditions. Works perfectly for liner days.

NEWERA is a hybrid evolution between Clásico and Whale. It is the same in the front half and in the back mix the wings of Whale with the narrowed tail of Clásico shape. It is one of the preferred shapes of our main shaper, which was thought to gain stability in the back foot, but maintaining the good agility of Clásido shape for fast turns. Ideal for those who need to increase the margin of error in her drop and slide.


It is our last variation of Clásico shape base. Bitwo is the evolution of the Bit shape created at the end of 2018. With same principle at the front as Clásico (our mother shape), Bitwo is modifying and opening its line as it approaches the tail area.

The swallow tail, with two tails, provides great buoyancy in the rear area, which gives greater stability to the slide and control to the rear foot. The double tail gives very good performance on the wave, but reduces turning speed and maneuverability. For that reason it is a shape specially designed for lateral waves, and stands out in both liners and siders.


It is a shape designed for those who start in wave ride skimboarding world. Wider and shorter, with more tail load to facilitate the drop and the slide. Rasta shape is comfortable and stable and allows a real evolution in learning skimboarding skills and improving how to skim better. It is good to start in waves, but it is not a shape that falls short after two months as it usually happens in the begginers boards…

It is a balanced shape and very good to gain confidence at the beginning and give it a shot later when you increase the control of your board. It working out perfectly in small/medium wave conditions.