This is a guide to know wich skimboard to buy… Buying the ideal skimboard respecting the necessities of each rider is not easy, so if you’re not sure of what you need, read this to guide yourself (although we recommend sending us your doubts and questions throughout email, Instagram or Facebook to get a straight answer).

A skimboard is made of foam, fiber and resin. The component of the foam is PVC and is the part of the board that gives buoyancy. We can find foam of medium density (higher buoyancy and low resistance usually used in mid-range manufactured boards) or high density (lower buoyancy but higher resistance usually used in high-range boards). This foam is covered by many layers of fiberglass or carbon fiber, hardened by polyester or epoxy resin, which provides the board of hardness, rigidity and resistance. The dye of the resin (which is transparent at the beginning) provides the color to the boards.

There are three basic aspects before getting into the details, which are: the budget we have to invest for the board, height and weight of the rider.

There are three basic aspects before getting into the details, which are: the budget we have to invest for the board, height and weight of the rider.

The prices of the boards can vary a lot depending on the model and changes according to the way of manufacturing and the material costs. In Dogflut, all the boards follow the same way of manufacturing, so you can take a look to OUR CATALOG and check the differences between materials.

Regarding the sizes, those are taken by the length of the board (cm). This is orientative, as there are many kind of shapes and although you can find boards of the same size, a shape can be shorter, larger, pointy, tapered, narrower or wider than other making the behavior of the board completely different. For that reason, it’s better to check the size that every brand gives to their boards and not the large, as the shape will provide different things and the excess of cm in one of the sizes will balance the lack of others.

To give you a guide we show you our size board, which matches the size of the board with the height and weight of the rider (in our models):

SIZE (cm): Weight (Kg) and Height (cm)

XXS (122cm): 30-45Kg/120-145cm
XS (128cm) : 35-50Kg/130-155cm
S (130cm) : 40-55Kg/140-160cm
SM (132cm) : 50-70Kg/150-175cm
M (134cm) : 65-85Kg/170-185cm
ML (136cm) : 75-90Kg/180-195cm
L (138cm) : 85-100Kg/190-205cm

Once we know these three basic points, it’s time to check the technical details. As a summary, the following parameters can help us a lot:

*The length, thickness and material of the board affects a lot:

  • Smaller or thinner boards are more manageable, tricks will be easier, but instead, you lose buoyancy
  • Bigger or thicker boards are more steady but slower. These boards allow the rider to slide far and maintain the direction on the wave but make them harder the turn and tricks.
  • Narrower boards are faster but difficult to maneuver. The turn is better, but the buoyancy is lower despite they help you to reach the wave quicker.
  • The boards with high rigidity (carbon and/or epoxy) are more reactive, more agile, but at the same decrease the margin of error.

Now you can check our CATALOG 2022 and read the descriptions of each model that will also help you to choose a skimboard to buy.

And before finishing, it’s time to pick the design you like the most. You can find ideas in our album of creations or create your own board with our App (free for Android).

One last mention, the grips (anti-slip pads adhered to the boards to avoid slip offs) are bought besides the board. Using grips it’s not strictly necessary but are highly recommended, especially the back one (tail pad), and his prize is around 35€ (back) and about 25€ the front ones.

Any question you may have about the models, about which is the best option depending on the budget, which material or shape fits you, the size, how to order your board or for any other hesitation, get in touch with us through this site, through facebook, email ( or Instagram and we will help you to solve all your doubts befor you order.