It is always nice to write the chronicle of a skim contest weekend and relive the most special moments and fellings.

The International de skimboard, included in Ocean Spirit boards fest is a championship that every skimmer should to go a couple of times as minumum, to compete with and against the best of Europe and sometimes, also best of the world.

During last years, most of our DOGFLUT TEAM RIDERS mark this championship as a goal and always bring great results as victories of Ricardo Dias (open), Xoxe ‘Conde (girls open), Ale Montañes (sub14) or podiums of Simao Pinto and Juanlu González, but this time, we want to focus our chronicle especially on two guys of our team:


Any skimmer in the world knows Juanlu, his videos and his level (and if he doesn’t, he should to know!); but many people doesn’t know is what Juanlu has worked to get to the spot where he is today: CURRENT CHAMPION of INTERNATIONAL OCEAN SPIRIT (Portugal) and  INTERNATIONAL TRAFALGAR (Cádiz).

His victory means a dream coming real, making a cross in the list of pending tasks and above all confirming himself that he has achieved what he has put all his efforts into. I smelled for him. He deserves it.

And even if it sounds classic, HE DESERVES IT. We really know it. Juanlu has suffered a lot in competition and he had to learn to control his nerves during heats and give his real level as during freeskim sessions, to overcome the pressure of the clock and the judges. He has had to do it and it has not been an easy process for him. It took time, effort, dedication, many sessions to improve his skills and many competitions over his shoulders. For that reason, being the current champion of both internationals is the icing on his cake, his own confirmation that he has become a great competitor, a skimmer who knows how to adapt to everything, no matter who its competing or whatever the sea conditions.

It is real a pride seeing Juanlu has taken his crown and it is a pride to be part of it since he started climbing his steps to the top.


Juanlu was the winner, but Ale was with no doubt the guy of the championship. He won the Ocean Spirit sub 14 last year and was second in the Trafalgar International in sub 16 category, competing with boys 3-4 years older skimboarders, but after this edition of the Ocean Spirit , surely nobody forgets his name.

It is needed to say that Ale is from Cadiz, he is 13 years old, weighs 39 Kg and surfs like angels. His surfing coach is Juanlu … And he is also his skimboarding reference, obviously.

Ale arrived in Santa Cruz with a doubt: compete into undert14 divison and try to revalidate his title or enter into Open división and surely lose in the first round … It was his choice and he decide to go into under14 and wait for a year to Open división ( registration money also counted in his decision). But were missing a couple of free places into Open draw, he changed his mind with the support of all friends, with the certainty that he entered a group in which he had a chance to move to the quarterfinals … But someone decided to do it before him, so he had to enter on firs heat against Miguel Braz, champion last year (and new rider Dogflut in 2019) and Afonso Ruiz (champion and finalist in previous editions).

He should to have fun and learn… And everybody enjoy it. A little 13 years old guy, 39 kilos aadvance as first competing against two of the best European skimmers. He got into quarters and was first too, entering into semifinals and making history. Surely he is the youngest skimboarder to get into the semifinals of this contest. He get epic 7th position, after lost his heat with Valentin, Afonso Ruiz and Don Hugo Santos. Anyway, it was awesome. It weighs and floats like a bubble (“burbuja” in spanish). It should be said that he also revalidated his sub14 title, of course.

We need to thank to constest staff team, which fights year after year for a great skimboard event. To the judges, doing it well where it was not easy. And of course to all Dogflut riders: Ricardo Dias, who was fourth after –one more time in the final round-. Simao Pinto ,who finished 5th competing with a newly released board (his was stolen a few days before the championship). Xoxe’ Conde who was fourth in women’s division in a really difficult waves conditions final (congratulate Julia, who deserved her victory!). To Rafa and Miguel and also to all skimboarders who ride with our boards in all divisions.

See you next year or in Cádiz in September!