Miguel Braz is the latest addition to the Dogflut team and family, and as Simao Pinto already did during his first year competing as our rider, he is Portuguese champion now.

After his victory at the Oceasn Spirit 2018, our rider from Algarve, had a clear goal: be the new national champion of Portuguese skim league. And… As Roman emperor Julio César said: “Veni, vidi, vici”… and he get it. He was the new portuguese champ just after three first stops and before the fourth stage at classic portuguese skim spot of Sao Pedro do Estoril. Miguel was already the new champion mathematically, after winning the first three.

Unfortunately, Portuguese skim league is not going through its best moment and number of participants has fallen dramatically, although not the level, skimboarders as our rider Ricardo Dias or Afonso Ruiz was battleing for the tittle, both national and International Ocean Spirit champions. Ricardo also was the winner of the fourth stage, so the four stages had a winner of our team!

With this title, Miguel Braz becomes the fourth rider of our Dogflut team who gets the national champion trophy consecutively in the last four editions. And most incredible of all is that they are four different guys. A clear proof of our team potential in last years. Only remains to congratulate and thank the new champion. Next year more chapionships and eanwhile is time to enjoy all the liners and siders of Caneiros. Cover photo: @ahonenoora