The skim competition has returned and it is that after the forced break in 2020, on the 5th edition of the International Trafalgar. It was of vital importance for the European skimboarding family. Being part of it and collaborating in this very special championship is always a pleasure for us.

This year, in addition, the organization raffled a Probot 3.0 with a very very special design and the response of the people with raffle tickets purchased was spectacular.

It was a nice weekenf with lot of talent on the shore. Riders of our team finished on top again! Juanlu González and Xoxe Conde, once again, revalidating and regaining their thrones, respectively. Although heats are more complicated every year, they have done it again.

Xoxe, won women’s category and after a semifinal in which she could not find her waves, had a brilliant performance in a highly disputed final with Julia Espinosa, in which both showed that women’s skim is very alive, a final heat that now is for the books of Spanish skim history.

In Open, Juanlu, local and big dominator of this event, won once again and was champion after a memorable final round, competing against Javi Sola and the Portuguese Hugo Santos and Simao Pinto (who did not took the runner-up on a penalty for interference during the final).

It was one more event to remember, cause the good wave conditions and level of the competitors in the Open category. A lot of talent athlets in just a few pairs of elimination rounds… High level skimmers had to stay out, because even enter into semi-finals were really difficult this year. The best example is that Ricardo Dias and Jesule González, who were on the podium in 2019 and Miguel Braz, current national champion of Portugal, were left out of the final, finishing fifth, tenth and seventh, respectively.

It is worth highlighting the passion and level of the youngest, who shone with their own light both in the junior competition (under 16) and in the under 12 exhibition. Enrique Pérez managed to prevail in a very deputy final to Nico Morales (who made a spectacular championship).

In the Master category, where the older ones show their worth between laughter and good vibes, Hugo Santos did manage to take the victory, snatching the victory from Sergio Gil “Shein” with only two minutes remaining. A shame!

A spectacular weekend. Friendship, brotherhood and passion. Dogflut is in the house.

Proud of the organization, of the amount of skimboarders that competed with our boards and above all of our team of riders, who more than a team, is family. We cry and laugh together.

Fotos: @d.jodarfotografias