It was missed, but the Internacional de Skimboard Ocean Spirit was back again. After the stoppage forced by the pandemic, she came back to stay.

Some of us have been attending to this european skim contest edition by edition from more than ten years and we will not stop going there, because this championship has something special. Without a doubt, it has something special.

There is a lot of work behind a championship and that is shown year after year with the presence of most of the best continental skimmers, as well as the occasional participation of some skimmers from the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Everybody feels this championship as the European title and how could it be otherwise, our riders always try to be there

This year we miss Xoxe Conde, champion in Santa Cruz in previous editions or Ale Montañes, who started his legend there in 2019, getting into the semifinals at only 13 years old, because could not attend this time. But in exchange, we brought with us Chabe White, a good friend and rider of Victoria, who was visiting from Mexico this summer and who didn’t hesitate to sign up for our adventure. She didn’t have her own board with her and for that reason she was competing with one of Juanlu’s boards and took a more than deserved victory in the women’s open category. Great job, an honor and a pride. 

It should also be noted that the organization equaled the prize money in the male and female categories this year, which is a step forward in the growth of skim among women and is a detail that should be mentioned. Skimboarding is for everyone, regardless of gender, of course, and it can be important for the professionalization of women in skim world.

Well, we went there, to enjoy, support and live one more great championships. A Friday with a freeskim sesión of classic waves in Santa Cruz, Portugal.

Javi García and Diogo Xina showed that they continue to evolve by leaps and bounds, while Juanlu González and Miguel Braz advanced rounds to the final with a clear objective: to win again a title that they have already enjoyed. It was pretty close. Our dearest friend Javi Sola get the crowd, in front of our guys, Miguel and Juanlu. We are happy for Javi and even if we are a little clichéd, he is as good a skimmer as he is a good kid and he deserved it.

Miguel finished just a few tenths of a point away from taking the victory, with the highest rated wave of the final, it must be said. Whay a show!

Proud of everyone, friends or riders of the team, as Ricardo Dias, who this time was kick out with a somewhat debatable decision (with the utmost respect for the judges) and of Shein, who finished third in the Masters of the Universe division, despite a muscle injury during the semifinal heat.