Once again, we can proudly say that our team riders are awesome skimboarders and we are back from the International Skimboard Ocean Spirit 2023, the first stop of the EURO SKIM TOUR, with greally good results.

Ale Montañés, who began his own little legend a few years ago in this even, is the new champion in the Junior category and runner-up in the Open category, only behind the current UST champion, Lucas Fink. Quite a spectacle to see his performance throughout the weekend; having to double sleeves of two categories that were carried out simultaneously.

Juanlu González shone again and was 3rd in Open division, being once again in the final of a championship where is not easy to advance to the top positions because every some of best riders are kicked out because of little details on scores. It was the case of Miguel Braz and Simao Pinto, who, although they showed skills to win, did not have much luck in their heats this time. Something similar happened to Xoxe Conde: a very complicated side of the brackes and worst tide conditions to her style, she “only” could be 5th placd. A good result, but not too positive for a rider who has won this championship before.

Ricardo Dias was also a finalist, showing that his combination of style and technique works great on contest days and added one more presence in the final of the most classic European skimboarding championship.

In addi, Nico Morales and Eva Ureña, who are like family, were runner-up in Junior category and 4th in Women’s Open. We are very happy for them because they deserve it.

Very proud of our riders, with or without victories, they show in each contest why they are part of our team. It is an honor to have each one of them.

Now is time to focus on the INTRAFALGAR SKIM CONTEST, the stage in Spain scoring on the Euro Skim Tour, which will be held in Cádiz during 8th and 9th of September. And will also define the Champions of Spain in 2023.