The Skimboard championship of Spain was back this year and things couldn’t have gone better. After the 7th INTRAFALGAR Dogflut 2023, a qualifying stop for the EURO SKIM TOUR, the best Spanish skimboarders compete in the Spanish Skimboard Championship by the FES (Spanish Surf Federation), in the different categories: Men’s Open, women’s Open and U-18.

It is a great pride to say that our riders took the victory in all categories with a great performance:

Xoxe Conde was proclaimed champion of Spain once again. After a result that is not what she aspired to in the Intrafalgar, in which she finished in fifth place; She knew how to overcome it to win the national championship.

Jesule González was the winner in the men’s Open, showing that he is fitter than ever, winning in a very disputed final against some of his classic rivals, such as Javi Sola from Malaga or our Juanlu González, who was third after finishing as runner-up in the International event. Fourth was the very young Nico Morales, quite a feat at the age of fifteen, which also added to his second place in under-18

Finally, it was Ale Montañés who was proclaimed champion of Spain in the junior category. His last year in the youth division, he couldn’t finish better. Champion of Europe and Spain 2023 in under-18. A success! He was also fifth in the Open category, which although it is not what he aspired to, is not bad at all.

Podio 7 Intrafalgar Dogflut 2023

Once again Trafalgar Lighthouse energy did not disappoint anyone. As is customary, the waves did not fail the event and thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish Surfing Federation, the Barbate City Council and above all, all of us who make up the organizational team, from judges, collaborators, friends, assemblers to improvised speakers, all attendees enjoyed the great show that the riders offered in world-class waves.

THANK THE ENTIRE TEAM THAT HAS MADE THIS CHAMPIONSHIP SHINE: Lorena, Eric, Shein, Juanlu, Jaime, Xoxe, Aarón, Mathieu, Raio, Eva, Fer, Kiko, Pablo, Irene, Janovi, Edu, Kike and Lorenzo de the FES and also the collaboration of Anika, Javi, Jesule, Sola, the team of lifeguards and people from the town services who allowed the transport of the things. And of course, to all the sponsors who have helped out. THANK YOU!!

Ale Montañés Intrafalgar 2023



1. Jesule González // 2. Javi Sola // 3. Juanlu González // 4. Nico Morales


1. Xoxe Conde // 2. Julia Espinosa // 3. Eva Ureña // 4. Marina Alarcón


1. Ale Montañés // 2. Nico Morales // 3. Gonzalo Caro // 4. Enrique Pérez  

Photos: Artur Costa (action), Djodarfotografía (ceremony) y Josema_photo (cover)