Last October and after the celebration of the 7 INTRAFALGAR Dogflut 2023 in September, was held the last stop of the EURO SKIM TOUR 2023 in La Tranche sur Mer (France), and our team riders was back home with a backpack full of epic waves and great results . An event that put the finishing touch to the first edition of the Euro Skim Tour, which unifies the three most important skim championships in Europe to make a final ranking  about entire season and also show the potential of the skimbording of the old continent, nominating the European champions of skimboard.

Before the French stop, Lucas Fink was mathematically champion in the Open category and also our rider Ale Montañés was in the sub-18 division, but the title in the women’s Open and who would be the winner of the European best still remained to be said and therefore the European champion (a prize awarded to the best rider in the ranking of European nationality) and that is where our Spanish riders Juanlu González y Ale Montañés would face each other for the final victory and our Portuguese riders Ricardo Dias y Miguel Braz would fight for the final podium after their good results in Portugal and Spain, respectively.

Podio 7 Intrafalgar Dogflut 2023

In Men’s OPEN all the top level athletes put on an incredible show, enjoying and making people enjoy endless waves. Very proud of the performance of all riders on our team, who with more or less luck in the contest heats, made it clear throughout the weekend that they are impressive skimers. Seeing Miguel riding frontside liners throughout the entire bay or enjoying Ale Montañés, Jesule González, Ricardo Dias or Juanlu González showing his skills driving backside with such style, was a luxury.

It was Juanlu who was the most consistent throughout the event and that led him to be closer than ever to achieving the long-awaited victory against the three-time UST champion, Lucas Fink. This time, Juanlu was first throughout the final and only with one minute left to finish, Lucas turned the final result around. What a show! Juanlu was European champion and the runner-up of the Euro Skim tour in the end, finishing second in the final ranking, only behind the Brazilian beast.

In Women’s OPEN it was the Portuguese Pipa Pinto who achieved the victory to secure the title after a great year of results and a nice battle with her Portuguese friend Kika Freire. Eva Ureña, was third with another great performance in France. A result that we are extremely happy about, because she shows that at 18 years old she is prepared to achieve great results, while Xoxe Conde could not obtain one of the great results that she has accustomed us to, staying out of the semifinals in a questionable decision. In any case, she achieved a creditable fifth position in the final ranking, also with her victory in the Spanish championship title in her pocket.

Ale Montañés Intrafalgar 2023

In sub 18, the result in the first two positions was a carbon copy of the Portuguese stop and also Spanish in Faro de Trafalgar, with Ale Montañés y Nico Morales in first and second place after an awesome final in which Ale said goodbye to the category. Of course, he leaves it in good hands, because Nikki is prepared to win it during coming seasons!

The waves were incredible, especially on Saturday and the organization was brilliant in taking care of the athletes outside of the heats with spectacular accommodation for competitors, right in front of the championship spot. Some magical waves that all the riders, coming from different parts of Europe, enjoyed to the fullest. Thank you to the entire Spanish skim family and also to the FES that this year has collaborated especially with the creation of the Spanish Skimboard Team that means an important step to all of us and our sport.

In summary, our riders are EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS of skimboarding 2023 in Men’s open and Under-18 and also SPANISH CHAMPIONS 2023 in all categories. We will have to wait until this weekend, because the Championship of Portugal will be held in Sao Pedro de Estoril.

European Open La Tranche sur mer RANKING. EURO SKIM TOUR #3

MEN’s OPEN: 1. Lucas Fink // 2. Juanlu González // 3. Mathieu Leguen // 4. Heytor Torres

WOMEN’s OPEN: 1. Pipa Pinto // 2. Kika Freire // 3. Eva Ureña // 4. Annabelle Bianchi

UNDER-18: 1. Ale Montañés // 2. Nico Morales // 3. Hippolyte Brandao // 4. Benjamin Ledoux   

Thank you to the entire MAUNAKEA Skim Club team that has made this event possible.

Photos: REM’s

Ale Montañés Intrafalgar 2023


MEN’s OPEN: 1. Lucas Fink // 2. Juanlu González // 3. Ale Montañés // 4. Javi Sola 

WOMEN’s OPEN: 1. Pipa Pinto // 2. Kika Freire // 3. Eva Ureña // 4. Annabelle Bianchi

UNDER-18: 1. Ale Montañés // 2. Nico Morales // 3. Eva Ureña // 4. Dinis Veiga