Dogflut skimboards history began when 2012 summer was coming to an end and with the Faroskim contest in Cádiz on focus, the fisrt Dogflut board saw the light.

Rafael Castillo, the most spanish skimboarded awarded and internacionaly most experiencied decided to create his own boards brand a bit later disassociating from other skimboard projects that made him grow up as skimboarder and as a shaper.

With a solid manufacturing knowledge and a strong family unit of partners and friends, Dogflut name started to sound loud. Specially after Rafa and María Conde ‘Xoxe’ became Spanish champions in Cádiz contest riding the firsts Dogflut manufactured skimboards.

Step by step 2013 spring arrived and the project turned pretty important towards new goals. Sergio Gil ‘Shein‘, friend and partner in other projects with Rafa Castillo, joins Dogflut Skimboards to co-led the evolution of the brand. With him also joined the team Martí Avilès and Juanlu González, fulfilling an epic national team with the best three skimboarders in Spain.

It is a hard work season at the Dogflut house, with lots of new construction specifications and board materials, hard investigation in tha manufacturing process, in the reforced rails and the evolution of new shapes to set up an effective foundations. The orders increased exponentially y for that reason Rafa and Shein started shaping together. Meanwhile, team riders gets more and better results, winning championships both in Spain and in Portugal, giving like this a reputation that extends through the beaches of bouth countries.

With all that on the table 2014 arrived and this year would mark a before and after at Dogflut skimboards company. New beginnings, dreams came true, big goals reached and new others to achieve, as Martí Avilès victory at the Hossegor Internacional (France).

European and world legend, Hugo Santos, joins the team and family, providing the experience of twenty years skimming, being Portuguese champion for nine times and lots of victories in international contests.

.In addition, other really experienced riders as Eduardo Joaquim and Vivian Grieco ‘Vuca’ became part of the team to confirm best european team ever.

2014 suposed the confirmation of an idea and values to us, which helps to get respect and satisfaction from lots of proud skimbaorders that are enjoying and evolving his riding with a dogflut board under their feet.

After a big reform in our factory to improve confort and production, new models and shapes was confirmed as a reality into our catalog, tested and developed during the whole year by our competition riders, to offer the best of best as our target is allways to create the best board to every skimboarder, acording his requeriments, preferences and desires.

Using this inertia, 2015 suppose our project enshrining. Among lots and great results where our riders was in many finals of most important European championships, is fair to say that Hugo Santos was back, after many years without to participate in this copetition, to be Portuguese champion for the 10th times in his career. Martí Avilès, was Spanish champion, after winning In I Rocheland and 7th Gorgo Contest. Ricardo Días won the Portugal International and Juanlu was 2nd in France International and Rafa Castillo in 3rd. In addition Vivian Grieco ‘Vuca’ won the International Kalemba skim in Angola and Hugo, MArtí and Rafa reached the semifinals. Xoxe won the Gorgo Skim contest one more time and adding to this gloom, for of our team riders achieved the four first palces of first Spanish league with MArtí, Juanlu, Lluis MAteos and Rafa on the top.

But more important than awesome results, we opened a window to the world, bringing our boards to shorebreaks of four different continents. Japan, Angola, Cabo Verde, México, Brasil, United States, France, England, Portugal and obviously, Spain are already enjoying our boards.

During 2016 Dogflut kept growing up. Great results remain, like Rafa Castillo’s victory, one more time, in 1st International of Trafalgar (Spain) or first Simao Pinto’s tittle of Portugal during his year debut as a Dogflut team rider. Even Maruyama Tadaaki of Skimone team, won an important competition in Japan riding a Dogflut Tower.

Our App to design boards is created as the official Instagram profile does it too, and in less than a year became the forth skimboards brand with more followers arround the world (first of the world not made in USA). Furthermore, after Ricardo Dias trip to Brasil, Lluis Mateos and Martí to México and Rafa, Xoxe and Shein to California, we could confirm that skimboarders arround the world knows and respect our skimboards.

The future is today and we are ready. Jesús González, our last recruitment is the living proof.

In 2017 the revolution comes, big changes, removals, site, workshop and lots of important developments. With Shein as main shaper, the square nose is born, Dogflut boards signature, which provides an extra resistance to this point. We leave polyester resin and all our models become made of high quality epoxy resin, in addition to evolving new shapes and developing new models.

Competition results line is equal or even ascending. In Trafalgar International, five of top six on Open división are Dogflut guys, including top 3: Hugo Santos, Juanlu González and Ricardo Dias. As well as master category top 3 with Adrián Clavijo, Janovi Ródenas and Sergio Gil ‘Shein’. In add Xoxe ’Conde wins in girls division, confirming his great year after win the International Ocean Spirit of Portugal, where Juanlu also achieves a meritorious fourth position in Open division a few month after take the win in Alicante ahead Jesule. 

In addition, we support the very young Alejandro Montañes, who will surely give a lot to talk in the coming years, after his surprising performance during the Cádiz contest. 

2018 is also a year of success. Ricardo Dias takes the throne of Simao Pinto, becoming the third consecutive Portuguese national champion who is member of our team.

During the International of Portugal, Juanlu González and Simao Pinto finish second and third while Ale Montanes begins to learn how to control his nerves to win the U-14 champion trophy.

In September comes the beginning of the Juanlu era, which achieves its desired and deserved great first win in the most international edition of the Trafalgar championship. Where the four finalists being Dogflut riders – Juanlu, Ricardo, Simao Pinto and Martí Avilès-. Xoxe and Ale Montañes finishes as runner-ups in girls and U-16 divisions, both planting battle to American skimboarders of the Skim USA team.

In addition, if that were not enough with what we already had, another champion is entering to our team. One of the best skimboarders in the world, the Brazilian Leandro Azevedo. Respected throughout the world and possessor of the best layback of all skim world, it ais a Sunung classic.


 tititle seasonThe rhythm does not stop, so 2019 comes with a new top range model, a new logo and the recivement to our family to Miguel Braz, champion of the International Ocean Spirit 2018, who in his first year as a Dogflut rider maintains hegemony and becomes the fourth consecutive (and different) champion of Portugal to take home the tittle inherited from Ricardo, who this time finishes third in the final ranking.

Meanwhile, Leandro Azevedo is crowned King of Sununga in the Brazilian championship and that summer also, Juanlu González receives the deserved reward for years of work and proclaims -in less than 3 months- champion of Ocean Spirit, Cádiz International and Spanish champion.

We return to Angola, where we continue supporting the Kalemba Skim project for another year. In the championship there, Leandro Azevedo finishes as runner-up and Ricardo Dias third in Pro and Xoxe runner-up in females division.

In Lisbon, the legend of the Bubble boy is born. Ale Montañes, with 13 years, in addition to winning the U-16, finishes seventh in the Open category, being the youngest ever to reach the semifinals.

In the Spanish championship we are champions in all categories (open, female, under-16) with Juanlu, Xoxe and Ale. And in the International Trafalgar almost the same: champions in Open, Under-18 and Master, with Juanlu, Ale and Adrián Clavijo, respectively and Xoxe runner-up in girls category. Also in Open comes another full top3 with Ricardo and Jesule accompanying Juanlu on the podium. AWESOME!

In add, to close the contests season, Juanlu take the European Open at La Tranche-sur Mer tittle, in France. And with it, he already has his triplet, with victories in the internationals in Spain, Portugal and France. That’s epic.

Beyond championships and results in competition our priority is always our priority and our target, as always, is and will be to create the best board for every skimboarder, manufactured and customized to be adapted to conditions, disires and needs of everyone.

Perfect board doesn’t exists, exist the ideal board for every skimmer.